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Guenther's Ultimate (available soon, please check this page for updated ordering information)

Guenther’s Ultimate is a composition of natural ingredients - horse chestnut extract and chamomile flower extract – designed to support your body’s metabolism and reduce weakness in your cells.

Guenther’s Ultimate helps your body return excess fluid through your blood vessels, bringing it to your kidneys and disposing of it naturally. This is the normal way for your body to dispose of surplus fluid. If body cells are weakened, excess fluid is allowed to separate from your blood, which is commonly known as water retention. Water retention is a form of circulation disorder.

By allowing the body to absorb standardized horse chestnut extract, the dilated body cells are supported in returning to their normal size, thus reducing the uncontrolled seepage of fluid into your cell tissue.

There are many more circulation disorders, like deep vein thrombosis, and strokes & heart attacks caused by blood clots. Impaired circulation can also lead to furring of blood vessels.

Since the 1950’s, horse chestnut extract has been tried and tested for the treatment of thrombosis and has been proven to be extremely successful.

It appears that the pharmaceutical industry has been fighting for obstructive licensing of this and many other natural remedies to support the sale of their own patented, highly priced & less effective drugs known as water tablets.

In my opinion, obstruction of the sale and marketing of effective natural remedies and depriving people of access to alternative successful treatment by enforcing an unawareness of the fact that there is a simpler & less expensive remedy for preventing a vast number of ailments available, should be seen as a criminal act!

Instead, people are being treated with chemical approaches that often worsen their condition leading to limb amputations and subsequently to an untimely death. The people who obstruct the access to affordable low cost and effective treatment should be prosecuted for manslaughter, as this is what it factually is.

After many years of research & investigation we have composed a very simple product with extremely high versatility. It has been tried successfully by many people. Many have given a testimonial and are willing to repeat the same at any time.

Why is the medical establishment not taking up this type of treatment? Is it unawareness, stupidity or just blatant disregard for human life? If the medical establishment would like to challenge my statements here, they are welcome to try and prove me wrong. They would not even dare, because they would loose hands down. This also applies to the pharmaceutical industries.

The application of Guenther’s Ultimate would hit sales of a lot of their products hard. To really understand the array of treatment possibilities you need to read my original publication on the primary ingredient found in Guenther's Ultimate. This publication was once a chargeable download, I have stopped the sale of this file and you will find it below in its entirety. If you would like to comment, feel free to email me through the link on my web site:
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In my local area, pharmacists are willing to put this product on their shop shelves because they know how meticulously I had been working on this investigation and more so they know the outcome of the self treatment of people they know personally who had been on 40+ tablets per day: they suddenly had a reduced intake of previously prescribed tablets to only 4 tablets a day and were able to walk again instead of lying in bed or having to use their wheelchair to get about.

So come on all doctors, have the courage and say no to the blatant disregard for your patients’ health and life, tell them about Guenther’s Ultimate and let them try to help themselves, but stand by their side during their treatment. You will find a reward in the observation of the improvement of their condition.

During my life as a private detective I had several assignments to investigate medical malpractice claims. I was shocked to find that many people had limbs amputated, often without any valid justification at all. Out of personal interest I carried on researching the reasons. I learned that there was an underlying factor in a catalogue of illnesses with similar characteristics. I remembered that I personally had thrombosis at the age of 16. So thrombosis along with many other types of illness carrying the same characteristics should all fall into the one and only group called circulation disorder.

I have many friends who have had a circulation disorder in one way or another. I always recommended to them all self-treatment with the combination of herbal components that make up Guenther’s Ultimate as I knew it would help restore the functioning of their limbs.

When I was finally 200% sure that my discovery would hold up against any type of attack from the pharmaceutical industry and others alike, I tried to get the British Health Department to adopt this type of treatment to prevent the majority of limb amputations. The primary reason for limb amputation is bad circulation in your limbs. Helping your body restore healthy circulation and thus restore good supply of oxygen to your cells brings about the normal reaction of clearing up leg ulcers and repairing skin tissue through a normal healing process.

I also observed that in several cases patient’s who had extremely high glucose levels where those levels came down to near normal. This in turn raised another question for me. If it brings down the glucose level, I had to come up with the answer of finding a dosage level that is more suitable for most people. There was also the question of having one product suitable for internal & external application.

As you may find in case of leg ulcers a concentrated treatment is needed. This includes water retention. In these cases the product is applied externally in order to create a concentrated treatment as we are trying to reverse the water retention, helping the leg ulcers to be ejected and closing skin tissue to block any further infection (read web publication info for more detailed descriptions).

In rare cases, external application resulted in dry skin rash. I went back to investigate a solution for reducing this minor complaint. The answer was a simple and most effective solution by the use of Chamomile flower extract which also contains Chamomile oil. This added light lubrication to the skin. I also had read during my research that horse chestnut extract taken orally was suspected of causing an inflammation of the colon. This had not been proven, but was suspected. With the adding of Chamomile flower extract, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, I put my findings to our chemist. I asked him if he could make a formulation of a well balanced combination of these extracts.

To cut a long story short: born was this new remedy that I would dare say can be a remedy of today and the future. I have invited some drug manufacturers to challenge my concept, if they are ready to be exposed to the truth about products they produce that have only limited or no effect for the purpose they are marketed for.

Just remember: Guenther’s Ultimate


The following is an early account of my investigation into the primary ingredient of Guenther’s Ultimate, horse chestnut extract. It is included here for you to feel confident about using Guenther’s Ultimate.

The value of our Horse Chestnut trees, its Seed Extract.
Guenther Focke, all rights reserved.

Warning: Horse chestnut Extract should not be used unprocessed, it must be standardized - otherwise it may be toxic.

Here I will demonstrate how important horse chestnut extract is and that it possesses very important treatment potential.

People have not realized its potential as a remedy for the treatment of a wider range of illnesses interlinked when first developed in the sixties for the treatment of thrombosis.

One had not given Horse Chestnut extract the attention it deserved and one had not linked it to the treatment for similar types of complaints.

As Private-Detective l have come across cases where people had lost limbs through water retention, plus causing severe ulceration and subsequently gangrene, followed by limb amputation as a result.

The following narrative will demonstrate that people can help themselves without having to incur huge medical bills. In over 40 years no side effects have become known or have been reported!

Here now my own experience, back in the sixties.

I remembered that I myself had thrombosis at the age of just 16. People are right to say "at such tender age and you were not even smoking at the time?" I mention this because the first thing people would say that it is all caused by smoking. That is because they have allowed themselves to be brainwashed.

What was the reason for having thrombosis in such a young age? Was it my extremely low blood pressure? I dare say yes! Maybe just one of more than one.

Having thrombosis with blood clots in your legs is not very nice, so I consulted my doctor. This was in the early sixties when there weren’t many medicines on the market that could effectively treat my illness, but I must say that this doctor was one of the best I have ever known. He tried his level best, applying a cream and tied bandages to my legs, it did not work.

But by: Applying a cream and the bandage my legs were getting worse and my skin started to ulcerate, through lack of oxygen.

It got worse!

Then later a product came on the market and he prescribed it for me, a bitter tasting substance.

So I remembered the saying that no good medicine tastes nice.

I lied in bed thinking one night, if l am able to ingest these horrible tasting drops, I must also be able to carefully massage them onto the skin of my leg. It burned like fire, but I did not allow myself to reject this treatment. After a few days: I noticed a real improvement in the healing of my legs. I carried on with taking these drops, resulting in the thrombosis to disappear.

Now more sophisticated products came on the market and my doctor prescribed them for me, but I must say that it was also available without prescription and that I would have been able to buy it from the chemist directly. This was in the form of capsules.

Now let’s first of all address Diabetes with water retention; an enemy of lower limbs.

It is commonly known that doctors are living with the perception that only they have medical knowledge and only they know how ill people have to be treated. Of course they have the right to say so.

“Not always”.

Because of this misconception so many people are having limbs amputated despite of there being a treatment that can easily prevent this from happening in most cases.

Over many years I have studied and observed the suffering of this group of people. On one occasion I ferried a doctor from one hospital to another. When we arrived at the other hospital, there was a lady in a wheelchair and we were able to observe that she was suffering from diabetes of the kind that creates water retention, thus causing the legs to ulcerate.

I told the doctor that there was no reason for this person to be in this kind of state, as there is an easy way to treat this person in a very inexpensive manner and the person would still be walking.

However, this doctor was not interested in hearing about my recommendations. Afterwards I also contacted the health department in the UK, here I also hit brick wall.

For a while I let this matter rest. But when I was in the hospital myself with kidney stones, I again saw another person that had two limbs amputated.

Over a considerable period of time I have been making inquiries about the pancreas. I learned that malfunction of the pancreas has been associated with high blood sugar levels (diabetes); conversely, underperformance of the pancreas can have the same effect. As of this stage I had to assume that malfunction of the pancreas of any kind results from a disruption in blood circulation to this vital organ, which is an integral part of the liver.

I had to make the assertion that the main root of diabetes is in fact the liver causing the pancreas to receive inadequate supply for analyzing the blood sugar level in order for the brain to dispatch its appropriate orders.  At this point the majority of doctors will say “you’re wrong”.  Stop: later in this narrative I will demonstrate that my assertion was right.

This in fact places a great part of diabetes under the category “circulation disorder” and not as usually believed that diabetes is a malfunction of the pancreas alone.

Here is the most important factor: the illness is habitually treated incorrectly, leading to the unnecessary amputation of limbs in most cases.

Please note that I have observed similar illnesses for more than 40 years and that throughout the years I have consulted numerous doctors and studied medical literature on this subject.

By placing this illness in the category of “circulation disorder”, I had to assume that the liver must have problems and assume that there are cell tissues that are weak and in need of support in order to supply the pancreas with a more stable supply of blood to enable it to furnish the brain with better factual information and for the brain to order the pancreas what to do, as to the amount of insulin it has to produce or not to produce.

How have I come to this conclusion?

This will be addressed later and it will be logical for many to understand. (#1)

We have to remember that the brain controls all functions of our body.

I have observed that by addressing blood circulation to the pancreas, blood sugar levels have dropped or been stabilized within acceptable levels, which here in the UK is between 5 and 9. It has also been noticed that blood sugar level has occasionally jumped to 17 on rare occasions. This mostly happens in the early stage of the treatment when a person's body is still in the learning curve of handling its control of blood sugar level with insulin.

The problem often is that people will administer insulin even when their blood sugar level reads around 12, they will just inject the same amount of insulin and sometimes are finding that their sugar level has dropped so dramatically that they then start to panic and ingest sugar to bring their blood sugar level up again.

Often when insulin is used, some people inject a rapid type when only a slow type should be used. Frequently I have heard people say, that is what I have been instructed to do. I have sat in with a patient and listened as the Doctor advised when the blood sugar level is at a near normal level to inject a couple of insulin unit less and none if it is at a low count area.

The patient has to learn that as the treatment with Horse Chestnut extract progresses they will in most cases not have to inject insulin once it has progressed.

Note: This does not mean in every case. But in most of them.

Water retention:

- Here I believe is the treatment wrongly addressed as it also should be treated under the category “circulation disorder”.
- Only then will a good healing treatment be achieved.

Often I noticed that people are treated with water tablets but the result is open leg wounds (ulcers), i.e. no effective treatment. So the doctor thinks he has to prescribe antibiotics. usually with no effect on the original condition.

That is because the water retention or circulation disorder is not allowing enough oxygen to arrive at the cell tissue, not that the cause of the infection is of a bacterial nature.

At this point I would like to believe that you are starting to understand what I am talking about. So if these illnesses are treated in like for like manner the body quickly learns (when being assisted) to deal with the surplus water in its normal manner, then the risk of gangrene is reduced by more then 90%.
No kind of bandage should be applied as this would only inhibit the natural healing process. I will later describe the application of this treatment in general, as the treatment is general in all the types of illnesses which have basically the same characteristics.

Thrombosis must be treated in the same way as effects of diabetes and should in the early stages be treated with maximum doses as stated by the manufacturer, as this is caused by circulation disorders and blood clots have formed, which can be fatal.

Always consult your doctor, even when using this type of treatment.

In most cases blood thinners are prescribed and used, but are not necessary when a high-dosage treatment under a doctor’s supervision is carried out. The patient will have to rest in this case, reducing the risk of dislodging blood clots.

This is normally for only two to three days. By then the blood clots should have dissolved. The treatment must be continued for a reasonable period. Thereafter a preventative repeat treatment should be carried out in an eight to ten month interval spread out over approximately one month.

Again, a doctor's advice should always be sought.

But be aware that many doctors are under the impression that only the chemical approach is the right one. I believe this is wrong and I also believe that doctors will soon agree with me that this treatment is the best way forward!

The standardized Horse Chestnut extract used in these treatments has not shown any side effects, or at least no side effects have been reported and should therefore be classified as safe. Bear in mind that it was discovered in the 1950-1960 and so has shown an impeccable track record.

NOTE despite of the above statement: Like with any medicine it is ADVISED to observe the instructions, unless you are advised differently by your doctor or other qualified person.

However there is no reason to administer any higher doses than the maximum labeled by the manufacturer.

Interaction with other medicines: in 40 years it has not been known to counteract or interact with other medicines. Always ask a doctor or chemist if you take any other medicines that may interact. Never take for granted that all medicines are safe, seek advice.

A case study for you to read:

One day by pure coincident, I ran into my friend Steve whom I had not seen for a while. I met him at a service station.

I asked him “How is Lorna?".

He told me that she had been in bed and in and out of the hospital due to her diabetes.

Steve and Lorna had been aware of my knowledge about these types of illnesses and I promised him that I would be coming to their house that evening and would have look at her condition.

Needless to say, I found her in a state with the illness having progressed to the worst stage I had ever seen. So I asked her what type of medicine she was on. She showed me what she was taking, a staggering 40 tablets a day - you name it, she was on it.

Her legs were so bad that I cannot really describe it … in her own words “Elephant Legs”.

Gangrene would have been the next stage of her illness. I started to explain that there was still a chance to avoid that from happening. I said to her:

"Lorna you are on 40 tablets a day and your health is getting worse day by day. Your body is also retaining too much fluid.

You are also on antibiotics along with the other tablets. What I am going to advise you, it will be your choice to either follow my advice or leave it. The decision is yours and yours alone.

You have a cyst on your belly and the hospital has told you that they are not able to operate because of you being overweight or if they operate, that you may not survive it.

So the first thing we have to do is to make your body deal with the excess fluid by directing it to your kidneys and this we can only achieve if we assist your body cells to return the water back into your bloodstream, thus transporting it to the kidneys. Your legs and body should then return to normal.

I am aware: That you will be sceptical about it, as - like everybody else - you believe that what the doctor has prescribed will be the only cure.

Let me tell you that this is a misconception and that if you follow my observation you will soon see how right I am.

You can keep your mind at ease; you do not need to stop taking the medicines you are on now.

The medicine which you will have to take is freely available in some health food stores and does not interact with the medicines you are taking.

Now to you Steve: you have to get sterilized water and wound alcohol from the chemist. In this you dissolve some of the tablets you are getting from the health food store and very carefully massage this onto Lorna’s legs. You, Lorna, have to take two tablets twice a day.

Just look at them as a food supplement, as this is what they are sold as on the British market.

You may experience a very painful healing process. But if you try it you will say afterwards that it was worth the pain.

Remember that you alone can make this decision and it shall be you who will be able to look forward to walking again, if this treatment is not coming too late!

Afterwards, you don’t need go to hospital four times a week for treatment which isn’t working. You don’t have to have a mobile nurse coming four times a week helping you to look after things that you are unable to do yourself at the moment, like going to the bathroom, having a bath and washing yourself.

Initially, Steve has to stay at home at all times in case you need help with things as you are getting better, eventually you will require no more assistance, as you will soon be able to move reasonably well by yourself, maybe you will even be able to go shopping again on your own two feet.

So again, there will be no side effects based on the product known to me and you carry on with your normal medicines, most of which will become unnecessary and your doctor will take you off them after this course of treatment. Think about it and make your own decision.

I visited Lorna again to see what her decision was and thankfully she had decided to give it a try. Her words were “I have nothing to lose.”

I replied: “That’s right, nothing to lose … a lot to gain, and that you will!”

From now on you have a second religion, the first is to believe in God and the other is to carry out your treatment religiously. Lorna carried out her own treatment and I am very happy to say, with astounding success. She lost an amazing seven stone (approximately 100lbs.) of her water retention, her legs healed almost completely, she no longer had to use her wheelchair or her scooter and she was able to go shopping with her husband - needless to say, on her own two feet.

In my chronology I stated that diabetes should be placed under the category of circulation disorders, thus achieving a more effective and lasting treatment. This case proves that if she had been treated for diabetes only, she would have lost her legs for sure. The time this treatment took in total was three months.

I had seen Lorna again during her course of treatment, after a few weeks she was delighted with the progress and said: “I wish I could get rid of this elephant look of my legs.” I said “Lorna, you have only started this treatment a short time ago, you will see in another couple of weeks how the swelling of your legs will recede and how you will be able to wear your own shoes again.” … Lorna’s shoes size was Ladies size 7, but before the treatment was commenced she had to wear her husband’s size 14 shoes, when and if she was able to move at all.

After her self-treatment Lorna was discharged from continuous hospital visits for one year. Then, after her last visit to the hospital following the completion of her self-treatment, according to her other friends, she returned smiling and said that she was happy, that she had been discharged and would not have to return for re-examination for one year.

That concludes Lorna's story.

[more recent testimonial]


When I re-met Guenther about three months ago after knowing him for many years, I had terrible ulcers on my legs

After using his medication “Guenther’s Ultimate” for about six weeks the ulcers had gone away. I had been going to the doctor for about five years or more for the legs to be cured without success.

About eight weeks ago I started using his medication both internally and externally and now I am walking without pain. I left my dressings off while taking the medication and although I used to have bad legs and both with cramps, I now have none [sic: “none” refers to cramps & mentioned problems with his legs, not his legs themselves].

I think this is a wonderful miracle for me and I will always use it and could not be without it.

I have offered Guenther this statement in the presence of both my carer Ellen McDonald and Christopher Oliver as I am so grateful for his kindness and would like other sufferers to have the benefit I experienced.

Ellen also had a very bad left leg and right leg, both with arthritis. She is now much better after taking the same medication both internally and externally.

Signed: Ellen McDonald
Christopher Oliver
John Crosbie

In May 2008 my findings were published in KINDRED SPIRIT, in response I received countless e-mail from readers, some of which are included below:

Dear Guenther,

I read your very interesting article on the healing properties of horse chestnut with regards to diabetes. My father (Phillip Johnson 61) has had diabetes since his late 30's or mid 40's. He was originally diagnosed as type 2 but he became an insulin injection dependant over the years. To cut a long story short, he's an ex paramedic & as skeptical about anything 'alternative' as they come. He also seems to worship modern medicine & believes everything & swallows everything they feed him!!
I gave him the article to read but only gave him Lorna's case study to read. Believe it or not he has asked to try horse chestnut to help him with his own symptoms, he also has fluid on his legs but to a far lesser degree than Lorna. He even asked if you had a web site so that I could print of your research for him to read ( I explained to him that it's work in progress) so if you have any information an old skeptic could understand, read & digest I would be very grateful.

Yours sincerely Sara Raven

hello Guenther,

I spoke to my dad just now & he's very interested in talking to you. I can’t believe him!! I'm in shock but I’m also laughing as I write this because it's a good shock. I never thought my skeptical father would ever be interested in following any type of alternative path, bless him. Any way he has asked me to give you his phone number, we all live in Leeds in West Yorkshire

Good luck with him & thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to speak to him, regards Sara

Dear Guenther,

Re: your article in the Kindred Spirit magazine a few months back.

I tried the horse chestnut extract tablets and gel on my ankles, which were quite swollen at the time with discolored skin round them. The tablets regularized my urination and got rid of a lot of fluid, as described by yourself. Also the gel got rid of the soreness from them and the itching skin tags. The skin remains in good condition so my evening swelling hardly occurs anymore and I am much more comfortable in bed.

I have spread the word to other interested people but as yet have had no feedback from them.

With many thanks for your help and interest in my condition, my quality of life has improved.

Yours faithfully,

Phillip L. Johnson


More communication with his Daughter Sarah.

Hi Sara

Thank you very much for your reply. I would be very grateful if you could formulate a letter that I can use in the fight I have with the national health, trying to make this type of treatment available to other people and so preventing the amputation of limbs. We are not saying that all amputations can be prevented, but I will allow my self to say at least 90%. Also your dad had promise me that he would log his self treatment, so I can use it as part of my study, I am preparing for the Internet. Evidence like yours can be seen as independent.

Regards: Guenther

hey Guenther good to hear from you. my dad is doing absolutely brilliantly!! his legs have shape again, the redness & angry looking skin has just about gone. its absolutely amazing Guenther. He has ankles again! & my boyfriend Nick takes them, he's lost half a stone. I take them because my body holds onto so much fluid (I’m not diabetic) & there's a very real difference to my legs.
I'm going to get my dad to email from this address this evening & he can tell you himself. He's been asking for your address so that he could write to you & let you know how he is doing.

kind regards sara


I have said that I would come to this later. I have to state again, that I am a Private Investigator. A few years ago I was at a hospital with some friends. One of their relatives had to be admitted with a liver problem. While we were in hospital waiting I noticed that the nurses were very nervous and had approached my friends asking them if their relative had any history of diabetes. The answer was a very clear no. Also their other relatives’ records showed no history of any kind of diabetes.

What actually happened was that the person had liver cancer and the Doctors were not aware that an interruption of blood supply to the Pancreas could fake a diabetes attack by causing blood sugar levels to jump uncontrollably. One moment they where feeding sugar, the next moment they were trying insulin. I was aware of what was happening but unable to interrupt. Because no one would listen to me, the patient died. Not as result of diabetes but as a result of liver cancer. I could go deeper into this, but as this is another subject, I will refrain from enlarging on this. A postmortem concluded that the patient died of liver cancer in the blood vessel the size of a fifty pence piece.

Now, what made me aware that the liver was the primary cause of this death? When I was taught by my mentor and detective teacher, the late Wolfgang Xanke, I was told to approach everything with logic. No matter how minor it appears. If at first you don’t find a logical answer, let it rest then think again. In his words, apply logical thinking at all times. But when applying logical thinking one also has to apply theory. This is the reason I call my self a theorist.

By studying the application of Horse Chestnut extract for as long as I did, I had to follow the theory that when it assists the normal body cell tissue, it must therefore also be able to effectively support the liver cell tissue. This theory has been proven to be correct as you are able to see from the foregoing text.

Below I have pasted some simple information from the website of Dr. Ray Sahelian

This information I find very interesting as it supports that the development of the use of Horse Chestnut extract came originally from Germany and was primarily used for the treatment of thrombosis.

Between the two copied sections I have inserted my comments. I would like to thank: Dr. Ray Sahelian for granting me permission to copy from his website.

HORSE CHESTNUT Extract by Ray Sahelian, M.D. Health benefit of Horse Chestnut supplement

Horse chestnut extract :a multidisciplinary clinical review.

J Herb Pharmcother. 2002;2(1):71-85.

Horse chestnut seed extract is widely used in Europe for the management of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Although traditionally recommended for a variety of medical conditions, CVI is the only indication for which there is strong supportive scientific evidence. Review of the literature reveals 14 randomized controlled trials, of which seven are methodologically of high quality, albeit limited by small sample sizes and short durations. These studies support the superiority of horse chestnut over placebo, and suggest equivalence to compression stockings and to oral oxerutins. In the future, a longer and adequately powered randomized trial is warranted to compare horse chestnut to standard of care, and to further assess safety and long-term efficacy. There are no data to suggest that horse chestnut flower, raw seed, branch bark, or leaf are effective for any indication, and it is recommended that these products not be used, as they are known to be toxic when ingested.

Rational therapy of chronic venous insufficiency --chances and limits of the therapeutic use of horse chestnut seeds extract.
BMC Cardiovasc Disord. 2001;1(1):5. Epub 2001 Dec 07.

We report two clinical studies, one already published, performed in patients with early and advanced chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). In both, compression therapy and oral therapy with horse chestnut seeds extracts were compared to placebo. RESULTS: The published study in early CVI (Grade I) showed Horse Chestnut and compression to be superior to placebo and to be equivalent to each other in reducing lower leg volume, a measure for edema. In the study, in advanced CVI (Grade II and IIIa), compression appeared to be superior to placebo, whereas Horse Chestnut was not. Horse Chestnut fared better in Grade II than in Grade IIIa patients. These results are discussed in the light of data from an in vitro model, where Horse Chestnut has been able to close the intercellular gaps in the venular endothelium. Not fully specified factors lead to an opening of these gaps, resulting in edema as well as in local coagulation and thrombosis. The subsequent inflammation keeps these gaps open and initiates and maintains a chronic disease process, which may be the starting point of CVI. CONCLUSION: Due to its ability to close the venular endothelial gaps, horse chestnut seems to be a suitable and protecting therapy during the early stages of CVI. In later more severe stages compression therapy is indicated. Taking into account the observed negative impact of compression on quality of life, pharmacological CVI therapy should start early to avoid progress and to spare patients compression therapy. Horse Chest Nut Extract 20% Aescin

My comment:
In the above are maybe some negative aspects about Horse chestnut extract. It may be read to say that it should only be used for short periods of time. This can be correct, but is not proven. Fact is that the primary objectives of treatment with Horse chestnut extract are the reversal of the effects of diabetes, as well as to restore healthy blood circulation throughout the entire body, thus preventing amputations.

Note that in my narrative I mention that the original concentrated treatment should take approximately three month, thereafter only occasional refreshment courses. This affords the body sufficient rest. Being revitalized, it can again defend itself.

Otherwise in general, the above text is a good guidance and in support of my past observations and statements, the early application of treatment with Horse chestnut extract is very advisable.

I hope that you find my narrative useful and that you will be able to make use of it if and when it is ever needed.

The statistics I have obtained show an annual increase of diabetes of 5% in the population of most countries, but not in some. Maybe one day I will find out the reason for such an explosion in cases of diabetes in the last 50 years.

Maybe scientists can shed some light on this by finding out why we didn’t see so many cases of diabetes prior to 50 years ago. What was the food source that may have had properties similar to Horse chestnut extract, who knows?

If I have time I will investigate and may find some reasons for this. Until then I wish all of you a long and healthier life, with your limbs intact.

Guenther Focke

Guenther is available for personal appearances - e-mail your feedback and enquiries to info@guenther.co.uk.

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